Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Text Fixer Saves the Day!

So I'm doing the typical summer activity for teachers--catching up on email and articles and all that stuff I said, "I'll work on it over the summer," when I get to this link about Flickr, and it looks really good and I'm all excited to check it out. But no matter what I do, the link won't work. Then it dawns on me: the link is on two lines. When I try to copy/paste it into my browswer, it keeps cutting off the second line. My brain is too far into summer vacation to remember the full text of the second line, so I keep going back and forth and trying to get it all--AAAARGH.
Then, aha! The light finally comes on. I can use Text Fixer to save the day without having to open a word processor (so time consuming! could take a whole minute!). I go to the website, paste in my text, click the Remove button, and voila! Instantly I have a single line URL that I can now paste into my browser, and the information about which I was so excited is at my fingertips. (See example screen shot below)

Happy Summer Surfing!

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