Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Engaging Students with Photos

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Our session today was really meant to be focused on student engagement, but the tools I wound up sharing were heavily focused on photos. Still, they are neat tools, most are very easy to use, and I think could be made part of a project-based lesson, or authentic assessment, or differentated strategy in any content area, or provider of student choice (to name just a few characteristics of instruction that engages students). Visit the website here.

Characteristics listed by Schlechty:
  1. Content and Substance
  2. Organization of Knowledge
  3. Product Focus
  4. Clear and Compelling Product Standards
  5. Safe Environment
  6. Affirmation of Performance
  7. Affiliation
  8. Novelty and Variety
  9. Choice
  10. Authenticity

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Anonymous said...

Motivating students at the Middle School level seems to get more challenging every year. I will be using the relevance matrix as I create my lessons this year.