Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 Laptop Institute Keynote-Tuesday

This morning's keynote speaker was Jim Moulton, a former educator who embraces the combination of technology and education. You can find his website at http://jimmoulton.org/

Mr. Moulton brought up a good point that has stuck with me. He talked of presentations using PowerPoint and commented that all the bells and whistles that we educators think we need are not necessary. In other words, instead of spending our time making our presentation what we believe our students will find engaging and aesthetically please is a waste of time. Keep it simple. His presentation was done in simple black and white, and you know what? I was engaged and didn't miss the slides flying in and out.

You can view his presentation and I encourage you to do so at http://tinyurl.com/44yyuc


redeck said...

I agree that all the bells and whistles are not needed for our students. When teaching a high school guidance lesson I had a colleague use flashy jokes and quotes. The students responded with irritation and a lack of understanding, and they wanted to push on and get the essential information on registration and four year high school planning.

Anonymous said...

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