Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Wiki Full of Resources

from the January Wikispace newsletter:

"This wikispaceDecember's Space of the Month is , a group of educators using Wikispaces to easily share resources and ideas with their colleagues. The wiki talks about various digital tools and how members of the wiki find them useful in their classrooms. The Eduwiki team speaks below about their space and experience with Wikispaces.

Our Space: Eduwiki is a collaborative partnership between educators across the world that enables us to instantly share ideas, resources, projects, and more importantly to connect to one another.

Our Community: Eduwiki was initiated by a group of Pennsylvania technology integrators interested in sharing great ideas and resources. We then began to connect to teachers and administrators from all over the world ranging from early childhood though higher education. Our Who's Who page ( ) was created to provide a profile of each contributor on Eduwiki, in order for visitors to easily connect to members via their email, blog, Skype or Twitter address.

Our Experience with Wikispaces: When people have a simple efficient place to share ideas, those ideas flow smoothly. With the flattening of the world, we are seeing our students' needs changing faster than we are prepared to keep up with. We can no longer be islands and ignore the turbulence of the ocean around us. Wikispaces allows us to communicate, collaborate and connect with others during the small cracks of time we find during our school days and home lives. The easy-to-use interface has made the technology learning curve almost non-existent. Within minutes of becoming members, we are able to contribute to the project. We ask our members to connect their Wikispaces projects, blogs, podcasts, social networks and other resources so we can bring our network closer and build bridges between people. Wikispaces works, because we don't need to focus on technology in order to make global collaboration happen."

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