Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Web 2.0 –What tools do you use?

Gwen Solomon, a director at TechLEARNING.com, reports results of a survey she conducted about Web 2.0 tools. See how you compare to the results she acquired.
Summaries of the results are below.

Twitter : We asked how much you know about Twitter and mostly it's knowledge just in passing. More than 60% say that you've just heard talk of Twitter and 24% say that while you know what it is, you don't see the point. Fewer than 10% report being active, 7% posting to Twitter and 2% following people who Twitter.

Wikis : We asked how much you know about wikis and it turns out to be quite a bit. Some people are using wikis professionally, but not yet with students, and many others are in the process of exploring how to use wikis in the classroom. A smaller group reports using wikis regularly with students (who love them).

Blogs : We asked if edublogs are living up to their potential of generating deep conversations and the answers are mixed but leaning toward the negative. Many people say no, agreeing that there's too much noise in today's blogosphere. A number say maybe, agreeing that while there are many challenging blogs, most don't generate great conversations. The smallest number say that they frequently read and respond to blog postings that stretch their thinking. For everyone, finding time is the great challenge.

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