Monday, January 7, 2008

Headlines to Hope for in 2008

Creativity is back. Authors such as Daniel Pink are purporting that we need to use both sides of our brain to be successful in school and in life. Try this in your classroom in almost any subject area. Students write a headline for a summary of what they learned that day or what they would like to see happen next.
Here are some headlines that I would like to see happen in 2008:

Kids eschew TV, violent video games
Book sales set records

South Dakota moves from 51st to 21st
Funding formula changes; Teacher pay increases

All rung out
Saying cellphones have enough features, manufacturers balk at adding hair dryer

2010 Education Initiative ahead of schedule
ESA personnel key to increasing retention of teachers to twenty percent

Rap is finished
Musicians discover melody, harmony, lyrics

Paris Hilton joins convent, takes vow of silence

Public gives state lawmakers high marks
Missouri River experiences July freeze

Federal budget spends millions per day on education
Military holds bake sale for new uniforms

Boomers finally give credit to parents
They were right all along, aging hippies say

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful activity and some really visionary or should I say delusional headlines...millions spent on education, if only that were the case.