Monday, December 3, 2007

A case for Wikis in the classroom

I was asked by a teacher to post some information and examples of how wikis are being used.
Through the Power UP project, (Title IID) I have been given the opportunity to work with teachers to effectively integrate technology into their teaching. My favorite example of wiki's being used by teachers was the 2-day kick off event. We were meeting with teachers in the project and one group of teachers from Faith stayed connected with their students through the wiki. Each day Faith students go to the wiki for the day's assignments and the teachers could modify items from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, I believe those teachers were making some adjustments the morning of the second training day.
Now, some would worry about students changing wiki spaces, since the idea of a wiki is that eveyone contributes. While the attitude seems to be shifting from a world of 'mine' to 'sharing everything', in the mean time, if you are worried about this, you can set wiki spaces to private and only invite certain members to contribute to your wiki.

Below are a few links where wiki's are being used in the classroom:

Why not just use a regular web page, you might say? I already know front page or dream weaver... etc. because I learned it in TTL.
I am not discrediting those programs, just sharing how different using a wiki would be. With other programs, the web pages are considered 'static' meaning they are often build and never updated. This happens because you usually need to be connected to the server where the webpages are stored in order to save changes/updates. It also takes longer. Wikis can be edited anytime/anywhere you have an internet connection and you don't have to be in the vicinity of your server. As with the example above, wikis can be edited quickly and allow you to move on to other tasks. Wikis are a quick and easy way to keep your web pages updated. And, wikis are free, no programs or software to download or purchase.

Are you a wiki user?

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