Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tapped In

Tapped In

Come join me in a Monday morning breakout session to learn about a free, online collaborative education website. At Tapped In, you can get an office space and a classroom. You can meet educators from around the globe and collaborate with them on endless topics. Many, many resources are right at your fingertips as well as many professional development opportunities.

Distance education is becoming more popular. Tapped In gives you a classroom where you can take your students and teach them how to succeed in the virtual environment. Collaboration and communication are stressed in the new state standards and this is one option to meet those needs.

I look forward to seeing you Monday at 9:45 AM in Rushmore E!

You will find my presentation at

Sherry Crofut


LBennett said...

Sherry, I wasn't able to attend. Do you have handouts or a powerpoint available? Let me know!

SherryC said...

Liz, I do have handouts and tonight I will put my presentation online. I will post the link tomorrow. I had about 40 people there, which was perfect for my first presentation! :0