Monday, April 23, 2007

PodCasting in Education presenter: Janet Hill

How many have tried podcasting? I decided to see what this was all about. There are basically 3 types--audio, enhanced, and video podcasts. We were shown how easy it is to do each type of podcasts with Janet from Apple using several audience participants. She also showed us the free podcasts in itunes. One nice thing is itunes can be downloaded free and works on either platform. If you get into itunes, do a powersearch and look for ecogeeks. Some great free video podcasts!


JD said...

It was very surprising to see how easy it was. Janet had the audio podcast created and on the web in a matter of two minutes. I think there are some real possibilities for distance education with the podcasts, and the free software to play it on iTunes makes it accessible to all.

Ginny said...

I took Janet's class and I appreciated how she defined the three types of podcasts in a clear manner.
Then she proceeded to show us how easy it is to make each type.
I am anxious to get the mini-recorder she showed us how to use.
I want to use the iPod and podcast to present tests to special education children via a podcast.