Friday, July 11, 2008

Global Learning Communities

Global Learning Community
Lester Holt and two teacher who created an outstanding global learning community with their students spoke about the wonderful possibilities in your classroom. One of the teachers said if you wait until you are an expert with the technology or the techology resources, you will never use it in your classroom. You need to dive in with your students and learn with them. Here are some links provided during this session. Social studies, current events, history and language arts teachers will love icue.
NBC News has provided a great global learning environment free of charge. Check them out.
As one teacher stated:
Its not about the technology, its about the relationships, the connections globally.


Katie Supports said...

I agree with you Marcia. You learn by actually doing.
Thanks for sharing the links.


samantha weaver said...

Hi Marcia! I totally agree that teachers need to dive in with their students to learn more about technology. That is why I am here, blogging :)

I really appreciate all of you at TIE and how hard you all work to make us better teachers.

Have a great Thanksgiving!