Monday, April 7, 2008

Second Life for Education‎: ‎A virtual learning environment

In this breakout, Julie Mathiesen demonstrated the online virtual world, Second Life, a fascinating representation of the future of human interaction in a globally networked world. As a noob (new) participant to this environment, it was exciting to see the teaching/learning potential as we explored the human genome, jumped into a eukaryotic cell, and were teleported to the Lourve Museum …very cool!!

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Marcia said...

I was just reading the TTL-NA listserv and found that there is interest and excitement about using second life in the classroom by an attendee in Julie's breakout. Of course the question included what do we have to do with our firewall to allow this to occur. What was wonderful was the fact that a quick response was sent stating what needed to be done to the firewall to make the use of second life possible in the classroom. It is wonderful to see the conversations beginning.