Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making Kids Googlable

From weblogg-ed:

...what are you doing to insure the kids in your classrooms are “Googled well” when they go for their own interviews? And I don’t just mean telling them NOT to post certain things online. I mean what are you doing to help students shape their online portfolios so that when their future employers or future mates run the search, what they find is not just a lack of negatives but a potential plethora of positives? Not surprisingly, the answer is basically “not much.”


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Sheila said...

What an interesting article! I, as many other educators, have been warning kids about being careful about what should NOT end up on Google. I can see how it would be beneficial to have positive things show up on a Google search. I can also understand many of the comments that talked about strict rules about how we site pictures on our school webpages. I think it needs to be a balance of being smart, but also letting kids showcase their accomplishments.