Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Assessing Preschools

Some states are creating an awareness of the preschools in their states. With a concern that some children begin school "behind," these states are proactive rather than reactive. Some critics argue that the state will not stop and begin placing unfair expectations on the preschool teachers - requiring them to get children to the level they need to be to enter school. I prefer to think of it as an assessment tool for parents when it comes to choosing preschools. As a parent, I would prefer to send my child to the preschool in which their graduates were doing well in kindergarten. There are pros and cons, but for now, I think it's a step in the right direction.

To read the article, "States Move Toward Closer Scrutiny of Preschools" from Education Week go to

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Laura said...

There are two sides to this in my opinion. Coming as a previous Head Start teacher, I would not want my preformance based on what could happen a year later with a student. I don't think it is fair when we compare apples to oranges (wealthy schools versus low income schools). When you look at the family dynamics, our Head Start families are often in the cycle of poverty and really can't concentrate on supporting their child's education. On the flip side, I really wish parents would take a more active role in preparing their kids for school. It often feels as if the teachers are the only ones trying. Chicken or the egg...