Monday, July 9, 2007

Learning from the best

It's been so exciting to read about the NECC conference, sessions, and exhibit hall. I can't wait to spend some time trying to better understand it all. Luckily for us in South Dakota, we don't have to go to a national event in another state to hear about the latest in technology integration. First there was relative newcomer to the educational technology keynote scene Will Richardson at the TIE conference in Rapid City, sharing his look at how Web 2.0 is changing our lives, and then about a month ago, David Warlick returned to our state to continue sharing his excellent and practical tools for teachers at the Laptop Institute in Mitchell. To find out more about the Landmark Project, visit the links below. And don't miss Warlick's article in TechLearning titled, A Day in the Life of Web 2.0 (you can also listen to the podcast).

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SherryC said...

We are fortunate that people like Will Richardson and David Warlick come to South Dakota. I think they come because we are a technology forward thinking state. I certainly think we NEED to go to National Conferences to stay that way though. I worry that we are still not getting enough teachers integrating technology and are still afraid of learning it. TIE is an excellent partner in this effort, but only for those that reach out. We have to get more teachers motivated to make the attempt.