Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Techno Wanna-Be "es"

This is Marlene and Karen reporting from the wild and wonderful techno-wanna-be world. Yesterday at the staff meeting, we were fortunate enough to be dazzled by our colleagues and their technological prowess. We dined at the the "delicious" table of our esteemed co-workers tags. We were lead into the bold new world of "advanced" Internet searches. All of this whetted our appetite for more....

So, we coerced our gracious colleague, Kris (also know as Vesper Nichi) to help expand our menu of technological entrees. While watching Nate nibble pizza, we charged boldly into the Voki world, and designed and posted a Voki on our Wiki! (I especially like that I can delete 30+ years from my personna with the click of a mouse.) This stuff is awesome!

After conquering the mysterious world of Voki, we ventured into Secondlife. Here, Marlene and I joined Vesper in the wizardry of designing a brand new person. Marlene (AKA: Maye Reyna) and Karen (AKA: Cager Nightfire)lead by Vesper explored Education Island where we visited the ISTE room. The room was all but deserted and everyone was away from their desk. Imagine that! The people in Secondlife must have real office hours.

Vesper and Maye were priviledged to engage in a conversation with a person from Japan whose only image of the United States was Las Vegas. He and Vesper exchanged a few memories of Tokyo while Vesper practiced her Japanese and he his English.

Meanwhile, Cager was busy designing her outfit and trying not to run into walls.

The evening went quickly, and all too soon it was time to shed our alter egos and return to the world some people call real. Thanks to Kris, these two techno-wanna-be"es" have arrived...Sort of!

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cd012 said...

What a wonderful description of a wonderful adventure...I hadn't thought of my experiences with the course I am taking in quite this way. Fun way to approach new technology!